Farmer, Trader, Biochemist, Moni Merchant & Woman!

Adébólá: What was growing up like for you?

One lesson I learned from my childhood is that to have money, you need to know how to make it. As I grew, I had a strong passion to be a nurse but JAMB jammed me a few times. I did pedigree so many times but couldn’t meet the cutoff mark for Nursing. I finally got into the University of PortHarcourt for Biochemistry.

Adébólá: How was life at the university?

Adébólá: How about life after school?

Adébólá: Wow! How did all these lead you to Agency Banking?

Adébólá: What is your day-to-day like as a mobile money agent?

Eunice at her shop in Shapati, Lagos.

Adébólá: Apart from Agency Banking; have you tried some other types of businesses?

Adébólá: What were the major challenges you faced when you started agency banking?

Adébólá: That must have been pretty difficult. Did you try to get more money elsewhere when you were trying to increase your working capital?

Adébólá: Why did you choose Moni?

Adébólá: Can you share how the Moni Community has been helpful in ensuring your business is growing?

Adébólá: Can you paint a picture of what you envision your business to look like in the nearest future?

All I know is that Moni wants you to grow. I have grown with the help of Moni. I have also hacked the only thing Moni needs from agents — honesty. Once Moni can trust you, you’ll grow oh! Your business will do well. Personally, I believe that honesty is a virtue. My native name is Eziaha which means a good name and I love to keep that good name.



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